with Ashley Moody, DC, RYT

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How many time have you heard, ”Your hamstrings and hips are really tight... You should do yoga.” That is how it all began… My “Why Yoga”? When I started practicing, I didn’t realize how much more there was for me to find within this beautiful flow.


When I was in high school I purchased my first Denise Austin yoga video. I thought it was great! A way to stretch out and have an “off” day, because there was NO way yoga was tough enough to be called a workout. That belief continued until I entered a class at The Woods Yoga Studio in Lincoln, RI. There I really learned about my body and mind. I learned how to flow, activate muscles and lift up and out of my joints to find length, strength and flexibility. After class I had a “yoga glow” feeling happy, calm and tall (I’m 5’3”). I realized that yoga was my time. A time to be out of my brain and present, focusing only on the movement I am creating now. With time and consistency of practice, old pains went away, my mobility improved, I could squat deeper and without hip pain. I was hooked and wanted to share this practice with others. I wanted to help them find the same symptom relief and calm I have experienced, so I entered a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga inspired teacher training and continued my “Why Yoga”. My “Why Yoga” has changed and continues to develop as I grow and practice my flow. I hope you join me on this journey.

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New to Yoga?

Starting anything new can be scary, intimidating, and feel downright impossible. Once over that initial fear though, growth happens. Growth in yourself mentally, physically, and in your community.

Our advise? Start somewhere. 

We're happy to provide our community with a welcoming place to start. Come move with us, and watch yourself grow.

Class Schedule


Mondays: 6 pm

Classes currently offered in person and on Zoom!

Class Rates:

Drop in: $12

Package of 5: $50

Package of 10: $90

Yoga Alliance

Baptiste power Yoga

Yoga for Runners @
The Sneaker Store

We all love Yoga at the Broad St. office on Mondays, but sometimes we like a change of scenery!

This year we will be bringing back our Yoga for Runners series as we partner with the Sneaker Store. Please see the dates below and stay tuned for more details on how to sign up!

Dates: June 25th, July 30th & August 20th

Time : 7pm

Cost: $10