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"Why now? Why Utica?"

Lots of people have asked, "Why now? Why Utica?" Read below to find out why we've decided to take our facility here, and what we are looking forward to doing with it!

It was late summer, 2016. We were visiting family in the area and one person wanted to grab lunch at "Bagg's Square Cafe" in downtown Utica, NY. Not being overly familiar with that area of the city, we put the address in our GPS and headed out the door. It had been a lengthy period of time since visiting Utica, even though Dr. Ashley Moody grew up just north. We had been away for some time, between traveling for undergraduate, graduate school and then practicing in beautiful coastal Rhode Island. Upon arriving to Utica, we were quickly impressed by what was going on. There was an energy in the city, and small businesses opening throughout downtown. What had previously been depicted as "just another city in upstate NY", had began to undergo changes.

We started asking questions and got many of the same responses: "downtown is really pretty cool", "there's a lot happening down here" and "people are really putting in the effort to make downtown the place to be". After many long conversations, we decided that this was the place that we wanted to be. We packed our things, left Rhode Island, and moved back to the Mohawk Valley.

In January of 2018, we developed "Climb Chiropractic Sports Health." We began the moving-into-the-office process, directly next door to where we had lunch that day at the Bagg's Square Cafe in downtown Utica. We figured that this would be the perfect location (mainly because of the easy access to large amounts of coffee). Here we decided we would create a home for our business, and offer quality conservative healthcare to the region.

The practice centers around one main idea: "an energetic setting where health, wellness and community can come together". We pride ourselves on working with our community, including other businesses, health professionals, hospitals and wellness centers. The power of community is immeasurable, and it's important to recognize the importance of having good people on your team. That's exactly what we are aiming to build with Utica.

The facility will offer many services including (but not limited to): chiropractic care, active release techniques, yoga courses, movement/fitness/rehabilitation, lecture series, acupuncture and more. The combination of these services, along with other health professionals, has been shown to tremendously increase the overall quality of life of community members. Our opening date is currently scheduled for January 29th, 2018. We really look forward to servicing this region.

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