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Time to Be

"Get out of your head and into your heart. Think less. Feel more." -Osho

Time to just BE I used to get a case of the Monday's every week. Monday morning at 8:00am it would begin. The chorus of endless chatter would start in my mind. Lists. So many lists. I would be thinking about all the things that needed to be done. And you better believe my busy brain didn't just stop at today's list. Oh heck no, it would be running a tally of everything that would need to be done for the week or even for the month. My brain would flip it's crazy switch and say...It's Monday, that means it is GO time. Move—quicker. Get sh*t done!

It is almost like I was punishing myself for relaxing or taking time away from work over the weekend. Does that happen to you? Do your wheels usually spin on Monday morning? Are you feeling your wheels spin still? "Knowing that life is a marathon and not a sprint is important. Conserve your energy. Understand that each battle is only one of many and that you can use it to make the next one easier. More important, you must keep them all in real perspective. Passing one obstacle simply says you're worthy of more. We get better with every attempt." We all have lists, and usually they will never be fully completed, as tomorrow brings a new day with new tasks, and that my friends is beautiful. It means we get to live. We get to create. We get to be productive in ways that fuel our own little fires. I'm learning with this time that I can allow myself to be. That spinning my wheels was not productive and in fact typically increased my stress and did not actually help me accomplish any of the tasks of my list. I've learned to appreciate my time and how valuable my time is. Live for yourself, today, right now! Enjoy each moment and do not waste a second of it. Let go of the little things, drop regrets and stopping being so hard on yourself. Just live in the present moment and enjoy it! Happy Monday! Dr. Ashley Moody

This week's reflection:

  • What expectation(s) do I have for myself that is/are unrealistic and hindering my self growth?

  • When is the last time I lived in the present moment?

  • What is your favorite family memory?

  • What beauty am I either creating, cultivating or inviting in today?

Science tells us that it takes 66 days of effort to create a new habit. What new habits could you add to your routine, to continue to grow?

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