The Midday Movement Project

Climb is here for you! We know that you want to move more, and it is our goal to show you how! 
We all know that movement is good for us. Movement improves mobility and flexibility. Movement helps to clear the mind which ultimately helps increase productivity while reducing anxiety and improving mental clarity. 
Enter, The Midday Movement Project (MMP). This program is built with you in mind.
Our goal is to help you develop a consistent movement schedule, without having to develop a plan or routine alone. You simply watch the video and move.
MMP consists of daily videos (Monday through Friday), that are delivered directly to your email inbox each day at 11:00 am. Each video is 7-10 minutes in length, and will be led by Ashley or Nick. These videos are body weight movements only, and created with the concept that you can "do them anywhere." Subscription is only $20/month, no cancellation policies!
Want to learn how to move, and have the opportunity to hit the "reset and refresh" button everyday? Join us by using the form, and links below!
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